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Hello hello!

Unplugged at NYU
Butterfly Nat









I pride myself on being a quick learner with a diverse repertoire of roles. Put me where you need and I can deliver! I deeply value collaboration, professionalism, and musicianship alongside being an empathetic and outgoing performer. I am trained in musical theatre, contemporary/pop/rock, and classical voice as well as have experience in choir and close-harmony singing. I've also been the lead singer of a classic rock cover band! I am trained in jazz, tap, ballet, and musical theatre dance. 

I'm so happy you're here! Hi :) My name is Natalie, but my friends calI me Nat.  I'm currently a junior at NYU Steinhardt, majoring in Vocal Performance: Musical Theatre with a minor in Business of Entertainment, Media and Technology!

My music journey started in my hometown of Fairfield, Connecticut! Music has always had a strong presence in my life.  I wanted music playing all the time, and if it wasn't playing I would make it myself. I used to think I would be a writer, but my first real memory of finding that music was where my heart felt most at home was when I sat in my room listening to the chord progression of "Flying Rock Song (II)" by the Backyardigans over and over again. 


When I'm not doing musical theatre, you can find me advocating for women's rights, playing guitar, writing my own music, reading fantasy novels in a coffee shop, skiing with my dad and brother, modeling for my mom's jewelry business, working out, or creating parody musicals with my friends in my apartment. (One was about cheese, starring Taylor Swiss and Pepper Jack Kelly.  Please Email me for a full list of characters). 

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